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The Jody Maberry Show explores the nature of business. With a mix of storytelling, lessons, and occasional guests, Jody will help you master and market your message.
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Aug 7, 2019

David Hancock returns to ask me 3 questions. 

Jul 31, 2019

David Hancock joins the Jody Maberry Show to talk about the power of attending live events. 

Jul 3, 2019

Don't get too comfortable. It is time to be a misfit. 

Jun 26, 2019

Lee Cockerell, Dan Cockerell, and Jeff Noel join me on this episode of the Jody Maberry Show to answer questions from a listener. 

Jun 19, 2019

Paul Klein asks me 3 questions on this episode of The Jody Maberry Show. 

May 29, 2019

Paul Klein joins me to talk about pricing. 

May 22, 2019

Dan Cockerell joins me to talk about how to give 5 star service. 

Mar 27, 2019

Braveity is the brief moment when you have made the decision to act brave. It only takes a moment but has a tremendous impact. 

Mar 20, 2019

In 30 seconds, you can share how much you appreciate someone. 

With only a quick video, audio message, email or text, you can have a powerful impact on someone's day while also building a relationship.

In this episode, I share 3 personal examples of short videos of appreciation and how you can apply this method right away. 

Feb 27, 2019

Jeff Noel joins me on this episode of The Jody Maberry Show to ask me three questions. 

Here are the questions Jeff asks:

Why did you drive a day and a half round-trip to go to Glacier National Park?

Jeff Noel asked me to meet him at Glacier National Park. It was an offer I couldn't refuse. In total, I spent more than 30 hours on the road driving to meet Jeff. Time is the most valuable gift you can give to someone. Especially if it is not easy time to give.

What's our most impossible dream?

At the moment, I don't have an impossible dream. But just a few years ago, I would have thought what I get to do now is impossible. So I know the impossible can happen, I just haven't set my sites on one big dream.

What do you love about being a parent?

The long term project of watching all the work you put in help kids develop into humans.

Jeff Noel even snuck in an extra fourth question. You will have to listen to the episode to find out what it is, though.

If you enjoy hearing Jeff on this episode, check out his new podcast If Disney Ran Your Life. 

Feb 13, 2019

This episode of The Jody Maberry Show was inspired by a recent iTunes review of the podcast. 

Part of the review states, "Jody is a bit like the Garrison Keillor of business podcasting..." 

Reading that reminds me of the time I met Garrison Keillor in Seattle. 

After one of his live events, I had the chance to get some books signed by Garrison. He took the time to admire my tie. He told me I married the prettiest girl in the San Juan Islands. He made an effort to make us feel special, even though we were there to see him. 

You can take the time to do the same for people around you. Call it service. Call it going the extra inch. I call it a Beau Geste, or a beautiful gesture. 

 All it takes is one beautiful gesture to have an impact. 

Jan 30, 2019

Write it all down and other advice. 

Jan 23, 2019

Aaron Walker joins the Jody Maberry Show to talk about working with a Mentor

Jan 16, 2019

Here are the 5 Things I remind myself every day.

Jan 9, 2019

"Do your best and forgive yourself" is a quote from Admiral Payne. 

And it is included in one of the questions I answer this week. 

Mike Simmons, from the Catalyst Sale Podcast, asks me three questions;


Who is your favorite Marvel character and why?

What are the 3 key themes you have noticed through all of your experience?

What does "Do your best and forgive yourself" mean to you?

Jan 2, 2019

For 2019, I am playing by new rules. 

Here are the new rules for 2019;




I Will 

One Thing at a Time

Dec 26, 2018

On this episode of the Jody Maberry Show, I examine how it only takes 5 minutes to create magic for customers.

Jeff Noel has preached how you don't have to go the extra mile to Wow a customer. All you have to do is go the extra inch. Do that one little thing you don't have to do.

During a visit to LensCrafters, someone went the extra inch and it absolutely delighted me. And it made me realize all it takes is five minutes to do something special for a customer.

One inch in five minutes and you can create a situation where a customer tells other people about you.

To go deeper into the subject, I talk with Dan Cockerell - former Vice President of the Magic Kingdom, Phil Gaines - former Director of South Carolina State Parks, and Lee Cockerell - former executive vice president of Walt Disney World.

Dec 4, 2018

On this episode of The Jody Maberry Show, we are joined by Jeff Noel. 

Jeff shares a story about the Magic Kingdom that illustrates what happens when you give employees the freedom to create magic.

Nov 27, 2018

While on a family road trip, we listened to the book Ask an Astronaut.

My kids loved the book and have been asking questions about space. It all reminds me of how curious I was about space when I was a kid.

And that reminds me of a time a few years back when my son attended a space camp at the local library. On the final day, Astronaut John Fabian came to speak to the students.

No way was I going to miss the opportunity to hear an astronaut speak, so I snuck into the room.

On this episode of the Jody Maberry Show is about what I learned when John Fabian spoke to the kids about his time in space.

Nov 20, 2018

Recently, my daughter came with me on a trip to Nashville. We had a tremendous time together, but it wasn't all about having fun. 

Here are the lessons I learned from traveling with my daughter.

R&R will help you catch your breath: When I saw R & R, I am not talking about rest and relaxation. Instead, I mean reconsider and refuse. In order to bring my daughter on a business trip with me, I needed to reconsider what work I am doing and refuse some projects. Doing so allowed me to catch my breath and enjoy my trip. 

The Way Things Are Supposed to be is Getting in Your Way: Just because things are done a certain way doesn't mean they should be done that way. Policies, procedures, and tradition could be getting in your way of getting big work done. 

I need to Make it Worth Your Time: If I am going to be on the road and away from my family, I need to make it worth your time or I am wasting my time. 

Don't let perfect get in the way of done: Too often, we let the pursuit of perfect get in the way of just getting the work done. 

We need to play more often: Sometimes all we need to do is play. 

Ask for Advice not a job: If you ask for a job, you will get advice. If you ask for advice you will get a job. 

Time is more important than anything else: Forbes Riley told me she had everything she wanted, now all she was after was more time to enjoy what she has. Her comment inspired me to pursue the time to enjoy now, rather than later after I feel like I have accomplished everything I wanted. 

Nov 13, 2018

Anna Powers returns this episode to ask me three questions.

What is your favorite color?

There is only one color that has gotten me a hug from a stranger because I was wearing it. How can that not be my favorite color?

What is my favorite country I have visited?

Canada. Outside of the United States, Canada is the only country I have been to. 

What is next for Jody Maberry?

In 2019, I have 3 projects I am looking forward to; my upcoming course about podcasting, the book I am writing, live events with Lee Cockerell. 

Nov 6, 2018

You can use your experience to help people achieve their dreams. 

Anna Powers is an example of how you can tap into your experience and knowledge to help someone else. 

Anna achieved her dream of becoming an attorney, but a book became a thorn in her side that led her in a new direction. 

Dan Miller's book, 48 Days to the Work You Love, caught her attention. Anna purchased the book so she could prove you could not find work you love in only 48 days. It took her 7 years, after all, to become an attorney.

By the time Anna had finished reading the book, she realized the message in the book was true. And she was inspired to become a coach to help other people find work they loved.

As Anna transition from being an attorney to coaching other people, she realized how important her time and training as an attorney helped her help other people. 

Nothing is wasted. Experience and knowledge from your past will propel you into your next adventure.

Take your own background and skills to build what you have now.

You don't need to be an attorney or park ranger to bring your backstory into what you do today. Whatever your background is, you picked up skills you can bring forward to your new stage in life.

Energy is not generated by a bolt of lighting. It is generated by friction. Get out there and make something happen.

Ann has created this Sales page template to help you create a sales page to give you a place to start. 

You can find Anna Powers the web, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram

Oct 30, 2018

Recently, Lee Cockerell and I hosted a one-day mastermind event in Orlando. 

Twelve people from around the country joined us to discuss opportunities and challenges they have in their business. 

Even though I help Lee host the event, I know I walk away learning more than anyone else. Here are six lessons I learned during the mastermind. 

Choose the better story: When faced with two options, choose the one that will create a better story for you or your family. T

Take care of yourself: You can't take care of others if you haven't taken care of yourself first. Take care of yourself, then your family, then your career.

Quit Feeling Guilty: Do your best and then forgive yourself. 

Let it go: You don't always have to have the last word or always be understood. Let it go. And the more often you let it go, the easier it will be to let it go next time. 

People aren't always happy for you: When you become great, not everyone will be happy for you. Be great anyway. 

Talk behind people's backs: Start saying good things about people when they are not around and see what happens. 

Oct 23, 2018


In the last episode, Jason Swenk joined the Jody Maberry Show to talk about being recommendable

Now, Jason returns to ask me three questions. 

What was my scariest moment as a park ranger?

You will have to listen to the episode to hear this story. But I will tell you there was one night where I was concerned if I was going to make it back home to see my family. But faced with a tough situation, you have to find the courage to take the next step. 

What is the one thing holding me back from launching my book?

Myself. It is that simple. But the book is in process and slowly coming along. 

What is your worst client story and what would I change?

Once, I had to fire a client. Also, once, I was fired by a client. Both had similarities. Understanding what happened in both cases led me to understand how important it is to have clarity. Clarity in the work and expectations. But also clarity in who I should and should not work with. 

Are you on Instagram? Me, too. You can find me here

Oct 16, 2018

Jason Swenk was recommended as a guest by Aaron Walker. I mention that because I turn down nearly all requests to be a guest on the podcast. Since most episodes are just me, there simply is not room to have many guests. Usually, if I have a guest, it is already someone I know and have a relationship with.

But when Aaron Walker suggested Jason Swenk as a guest, I considered it. Once I did research on Jason, I knew he would be a great fit for the show.

Even though Jason has accomplished so much, the conversation has to start with the recommendation, though. What is a recommendation worth? What does it mean to recommendable?

Here is the other important thing about this interview...I messed it up. We recorded once and I strayed from my system and deleted the interview. I had to go back to Jason and let him know I made a mistake and ask if we could record again.

Jason creates so much content he is on a different level than most of us. In this interview, Jason explains why he creates so much content and what he does with it to serve more people. As Jason creates more and more content, it becomes easier to find out who he is and what he believes.

And that takes us back to the recommendation from Aaron Walker. Creating as much content as Jason has, someone like Aaron can get to know him. You can tell he is different and has something to say. Creating content has made Jason recommendable.

There lies the secret of this conversation...keep creating content until you have something to stand on. Keep creating until you become recommendable.

Once you get recommendable people will recommend you.

Here are all the places you can find Jason.

Web - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube

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