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Apr 25, 2017

 This episode we are going to make the final stop on our Florida Customer Experience Tour. 

Lessons from Universal Studios:

  1. Keep your entrance sharp. Make people feel they have entered someplace special. 
  2. Do something different. Don't directly compete with the big names. 
  3. Find your niche and become known for something specific. 
  4. Consider the design of your product and customer experience. 
Apr 22, 2017

The final day of touring Walt Disney World to learn about customer service we will visit Epcot. 

I had the opportunity to take part in a pilot program Disney World is testing out. Guest relations had my cell phone number. Every day they would text me just to see how things we going. And they made sure I knew I could text them if I had questions about anything.

This worked out great for me. No looking for a cast member. No waiting in line. Just send a text. I did text them with 3 questions throughout the days we have been here. One thing I noticed is they language 

When I texted and mentioned I could not see my plans in the Disney World app or website, they pleasant reply I received was. “Our system is currently going through a magical enhancement which is why you cannot view or modify your plans.”

Check out the choice of words. Magical Enhancements.  The language you use for your service or product matters. The words you use to and in front of customers matter.

Now, my final lesson from Epcot and from Disney World came when I stood in line so my daughter could meet Anna and Elsa, the characters from Frozen. My daughter was wearing braids. Elsa told her a story of how Anna uses Reindeer slobber to keep her braids in place. It was quite a story. And it made my daughter feel special. What can you do to give customers individual attention to make them feel special?

Apr 21, 2017

Day 3 of our Lessons from Disney World tour takes us to Hollywood Studios. 

Here are the three lessons from Hollywood Studios;

  1. Give your customer a clear, exact path to get what they want. 
  2. If your customer's experience will be enhanced by the experience you have created, don't give them a shortcut. 
  3. If it is your responsibility, you need to take responsibility. 

Listen to the episode to find out where the lessons come from and how you can apply it to your business. 

Apr 20, 2017

Today, we take the show to the Magic Kingdom for day 2 of Lessons from Disney World. 

I visited the Magic Kingdom for one day six years ago, so this park is not new to me. But I came with new eyes. Looking to see what I can learn about how they create magic.

Here are the business lessons I learned from a day at the Magic Kingdom;

  1. Most businesses overuse signs. What signs can you remove from your business?
  2. Every cast member at Disney will stop to pick up trash. Consider the buy in it takes across an organization for every cast member to stop and pick up trash. 
  3. Cast members love working for Disney. How much do your employees enjoy coming to work?
  4. If you don't love what you do, find something else. You do not have to settle. 
Apr 18, 2017

This episode is the first of four episode from Walt Disney World. 

Each day I will visit one of the Disney World Parks and share with you what I learn. 

On The Jody Maberry Show, we have learned about Disney from Lee Cockerell and Jeff Noel. But now, I will get to experience what we have learned on the ground. 

Today’s park is Animal Kingdom.

The day got off to a curious start when my Magic Band would not work. But the lesson I learned is that you should stick with your customer until the problem is solved. 

I also learned how we should remove the potential of confusion away from customers. 

Listen in to hear this short episode about Animal Kingdom. Next episode, we will visit the Magic Kingdom. 

Apr 4, 2017

The Jody Maberry Show goes on the road to the Kennedy Space Center. 

This is the first episode in a series examining some of the popular attractions in central Florida. We will find lessons we can take from the attractions to apply directly to your business. 

Here are 10 Customer Service Lessons from my time at Kennedy Space Center:

  1. Make a great first impression.
  2. Build anticipation from what happens next.
  3. If you are not unique, you have to get the details right.
  4. Be Boldly Clear about what you do
  5. Interpretation can connect you to an audience.
  6. People love to feel like an insider.
  7. Offer an experience, not just a product.
  8. Offer upgrades. 
  9. Use video to help get your message out. 
  10. Everyone on your team has to sold on the mission of what you are doing. 
Mar 7, 2017

Does the thought of charging premium pricing scare you? 

In episode 13, we talked to Kirk Bowman about value pricing. Kirk urged you to move away from charging by the hour and base your price on value. In this episode, Petra Foster joins us to talk about using premium pricing for your coaching or consulting business. 

People who have mastered their message charge premium pricing based on value. People who are still trying to determine the value they offer price by the hour. 

Petra Foster is a Client Enrollment Strategist who helps coaches and consultants develop premium packages and get high-end clients in six weeks. 

In this episode, Petra explains why you need to charge premium pricing and outlines how to structure a premium coaching package. Petra will remove some of the intimidation you feel about charging premium prices. 

Click Here to get Petra 6-Step Blueprint to help you discover how to craft irresistible coaching packages. Don't miss this eBook. 

Check out Petra's Facebook Group, Enroll High-End Clients With Ease.

Petra's website -

Petra on Twitter - @petra_foster

Feb 28, 2017

Here is one thing you need to know about getting big work done; It is all about influence. 

Many people think if you work hard you can make things happen. They are only about 10% correct. 

The work you do account for about 10% of making something happen. The right opportunity accounts for about 20% of making something big happen. Influence is 70% responsible for getting big work done. 

Yet, many people focus intently on the work they do. They put 90% of their effort into something that will only account for 10% of the results. People with more experience understand this concept enough; they focus more on finding the right opportunities. Sure, things can happen when you find the right opportunity, but big things happen because of influence.  

Once you understand the importance of influence, and you know what to do about it, you can begin getting big work done.

If you want to go deeper in a discussion about Influence, CLICK HERE to sign up for a series of emails all about influence. 


Thank you to Paul Johnson, host of the God Zone Show, for the review on iTunes.

Feb 22, 2017

This episode we are going to take a close look at telling a story with Joe Sindorf.

I discovered Joe when I interviewed him for Great Escape Radio. Doing research before the interview, I admit I was impressed with his record of telling great stories. Better yet, telling great stories people were noticing and paying attention to. Joe has won an Emmy and a Peabody award. But it got better. After our interview for Great Escape, I liked him so much I asked him if he would also do an interview for The Jody Maberry Show. I knew you could learn a lot from Joe about storytelling.

During the interview, Joe suggests the elements of a great story are simply a beginning, a middle, and an end. That has to be in place to build a great story. 

Along with the great insights on storytelling, Joe reminds us we need something bigger than our work to be proud of. 

Joe Sindorf's website -

Joe Sindorf on Twitter - @joesindorf

Feb 14, 2017

One of the wonderful opportunities I have is to host podcasts for other people. Shows like Creating Disney Magic with Lee Cockerell, Catalyst Sale with Mike Simmons and Mike Conner, Great Escape Radio with Lori Allen. There are more shows, I just listed a couple as an illustration.

Because of the work I do, I am often asked a question like this “Why should I have a co-host on my podcast”. Or, “What value does it add to my show to have a co-host”.

People like Jeff Goins and Ken Davis, who would certainly do a great show on their own, use a co-host format. A few popular podcasts used to be solo based shows and now use a cohost. Michael Hyatt did 100 episodes, I believe of his show This is Your Life before he changed formats and added a co-host. The Ray Edwards Show is one of my favorite business podcasts. Ray used to do the show solo and added his son, Sean Edwards, as a co-host.

Here are the five reasons you should consider having a c0-host for your podcast;

  1. You will build an on-air rapport with the co-host you just won’t have on a monolog based show.
  2. When you have a co-host, the show move from a presentation to a conversation.
  3. Having another person on the show encourages you to go deeper with your content.
  4. You do not have to carry the workload by yourself.
  5. A Co-host will sharpen your In-Front-of-People persona.
Jan 31, 2017

On the Jody Maberry Show, we often talk about marketing and branding on this show, but you may be surprised to know the best lesson I learned about branding came on a sheet of ice.

Now, you know some top marketers have been on this show. Ray Edwards and Mike Kim understand branding like no one I know. But they have nothing on Homejuice.

What is a homejuice is what you just thought? Right. Who is Homejuice is the better question.

In this episode, I share a story about a boyhood friend called Homejuice to illustrate a simple, but powerful lesson about branding.  

Jan 24, 2017

Kary Oberbrunner returns to the show to talk about his new book, The Elixir Project. 

After writing several non-fiction books, Kary wrote a young adult fiction thriller. It was a risk to move from traditionally published non-fiction books to write a fiction story. In this episode, Kary will discuss the story behind The Elixir Project, what you can learn from the book and how he is offering a way for people to go deeper after reading the book. 

Take the Hackability Assessment HERE

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Listen to Kary's first appearance on the Jody Maberry Show. 

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